Human Sexuality and Sexual Behavior, A Social Statement of the American Lutheran Church, a predecessor church body of the ELCA: Rejoicing in Our Sexuality

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1. God created human beings male and female. Both are created in his image as persons of unique worth and dignity. Whether male or female, all persons share some physical attributes of the other sex. Qualities such as gentleness, compassion, helpfulness, and artistic appreciation often are regarded as feminine. Qualities such as assertiveness, initiative, vigor, and strength often are regarded as masculine. Yet, all are human qualities found in greater or lesser measure in all human beings, female and male.

1980 Statement – PCUS, Nature and Purpose of Human Sexuality: Masturbation

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5. Masturbation
. . . The possibility of masturbation can make physical relations with another a freer choice rather than something to which one is driven by sexual urges. The church still affirms, however, that sexual expression is more emotionally satisfying and most expressive of the creative intention when it is shared experience . . .


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Q. What is the Synod's view on masturbation? Are there any references to self-pleasurement in the Bible? I was asked this question and I did not know how to respond other than, "I know it cannot be right in God's eyes." However, I do not have any theological proof. Can you help out?

from "Sex and the Christian"

Action: Endorsed by Board of Bishops, c. early 1970s

from 'The Single Christian'

...The church affirms the integrity of the single person. As Jesus lived here on earth, His life and ministry exemplified a wholesome relationship with men and with women. More opportunity needs to be provided for meaningful interaction among all members of the family of God without regard to their single or married status. This must always be within the context of biblical standards which include the sublimation of the sex drive outside of the husband-wife marriage relationship.

Offenses Against Chastity - Masturbation

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from the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Part Three, Section Two, Chapter Two, Article Six


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